PORTRAY System Software V1.6.0 released

The PORTRAY System Software V1.6.0 released!

portray system software V1.6.0

Improved Measurements! Now you can perform multi-point measurements; measure around curves and determine the full length of a root, crack, or other area of interest.

Enhanced Reconstruction! Take any previously captured or new 3D Tomo image and reconstruct it from .5mm slices to .1mm slices, producing 5 times as many slices and potentially revealing even more detail.

Gamma Correction! In addition to contrast and brightness controls you can now adjust gamma. This gives you a third level of image manipulation to adjust and make images even more crisp.

Save Image Settings! Preserve the image manipulations you have made. Next time the image is opened, it will present the same way as it did when you closed it.

Loupe Locking! Now you can lock the loupe tool on the screen and move the mouse independently of the loupe.

Home Button! Introducing a Home Button which will quickly take you from the current screen back to the home screen.

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