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More Data

Portray 3D Tomosynthesis instantly creates high-resolution, volumetric images that let you look through and around teeth. 

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More Certainty

With more diagnostic data, you can increase your confidence of the optimal treatment plan.  

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More Trust

Portray shows patients the “why” behind your recommendations – for greater case acceptance and peace of mind.

What 3D Tomo brought to mammography,

3D Tomosynthesis is bringing to dentistry.

3D Tomo
more cancer detection1
Intraoral 3D
more caries detection2
More clarity.
More care.
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3D Tomosynthesis

Captures multiple images to create a 3D volume

+36% more caries detection

A Tomosynthesis study showed up to 36% more caries detection2

Revealing, volumetric images

Scroll through and around teeth

Software and x-ray unit

A complete game-changing system

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Same workflow as 2D

Stationary, intraoral and simple to use

Compatible with leading patient management systems

Share files easily and securely

No learning curve

Start seeing more on Day 1

Full circle of trust

Data your patients, team, insurance and colleagues can see and understand

The world’s first intraoral 3D Tomosynthesis is here.

what clinicians are saying

The world’s first intraoral 3D Tomosynthesis is here.

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