3D Tomosynthesis

3D Tomosynthesis - Better outcomes start with
better information.

Learn How To Read Portrays 3D Tomosynthesis

Get more information on pathologies that were were previously inconclusive or invisible.

Go beyond the standard.

Compatible with leading patient management systems

Same workflow, same footprint

dramatically more diagnostic data.

Ask a Portray Expert.

3D Tomosynthesis dental imaging

What is the ROI?

“Portray is a game-changer that helps to reveal more pathologies earlier, promotes case acceptance and enables better outcomes. I see my system paying for itself in about 10 months. I’m able to provide timely treatments and better patient experiences while preempting more invasive procedures.”

David Koski, DMD Koski DePaul Dental Group

How does the radiation dose compare?

“Portray is similar to conventional 2D intraoral systems using equivalent loading factors and does not require any additional shielding above that used by conventional 2D intraoral systems.”

Donald Tyndall, PhD, MSPH, DDS President, American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

Does Portray replace cone beam CT?

“No, but it may inevitably replace 2D imaging just as 3D Tomo did in mammography. Portray bridges the gap between 2D and cone beam CT. You get high-resolution 3D images of a focused area with the efficient workflow of stationary, intraoral imaging.”

Betsy Sullivan, MBA, MS, PMP Vice President of Engineering, Surround Medical Systems, maker of the Portray System

Insights AND simplicity

3D Tomosynthesis
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3D Tomosynthesis
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3D Tomosynthesis

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Gain ROI and grow profitability

Discover how quickly Portray pays for itself

Insights AND simplicity

Understanding Intraoral Tomosynthesis

Far Beyond Conventional Imaging

Developed over Decades

Tomosynthesis Will Transform the Practice of Dentistry

Viewing Obscured Anatomy

The world’s first intraoral 3D Tomosynthesis is here.

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