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The unique PORTRAY® Technology

Tomosynthesis is a radiographic modality in which multiple images are taken from different angles, and these are combined electronically to create a single volumetric image which is divided into a number of “slices” of the X-rayed anatomy. The PORTRAY® System creates a three-dimensional image of a tooth or teeth and digitally divides the volume into .5 mm slices, each of which can be viewed individually, giving you the ability to see “inside” the tooth, whereas conventional 2D X-rays only allow the dentist to see a compressed image of the tooth from the outside. In 2D, detail inside the tooth is obscured by the anatomy closest to the camera, and therefore cannot be fully examined. In a conventional 2D X-ray, a 3D object is collapsed into a 2D image, obscuring the detail inside the teeth.

The PORTRAY® System uses Intraoral Tomosynthesis (3D Tomo) to allow the dentist to see through the tooth, layer by layer.

A CBCT takes X-ray images from locations around the head, creating a three-dimensional object (the head), that shows the entire X-rayed area at once. This picture shows the structure of the skull and dentition which allows for assessing various dental conditions and for planning dental implants and surgeries, among other uses. The PORTRAY® System, on the other hand, does not show the entire mouth in one image. It uses the same image series as a conventional 2D X-ray system, but the X-rays are volumetric, in the sense that you can see what’s inside the teeth and supporting structures.

The PORTRAY® Software creates a “Synthetic 2D” image by using the stacked images to create a volume that enables the dentist to view the teeth from different angles, allowing them to digitally “rotate” the tooth or teeth. This permits the dentist to “open up” interproximal contacts.

The PORTRAY® Software and Images

If you are one of the dental practitioners using OpenDental®, Dentrix® or Eaglesoft®, then the PORTRAY® Software integrates with your system already. More systems will be added in the future.

Yes. You can use it alongside any software in your practice, or alone if it is the only software in your practice.

The PORTRAY® Software runs on Windows® PCs. A qualified computer is supplied with the PORTRAY® System.

You do not need special training. If you can read an intraoral X-ray, then you can read a PORTRAY® System X-ray.

Yes. You can share images with others if they have the PORTRAY® System software or by using the PORTRAY® System Viewer.

Yes. The PORTRAY® Software allows you to import any DICOM image and compare images side-by-side.

Radiation Dose

The PORTRAY® System is similar to conventional 2D intraoral systems using equivalent loading factors.

A rectangular cone is used in conjunction with a rectangular sensor (detector). Directing the X-rays toward the detector cuts down on scatter radiation and patient absorption. A cylindrical cone spreads the radiation out further to encompass the entire detector. The PORTRAY® System’s rectangular cone magnetically registers with the sensor holder allowing alignment with the intraoral sensor and reducing scatter radiation.

No. The PORTRAY® System does not require any additional shielding above that used by conventional 2D intraoral X-ray systems.

Installation Requirements

The PORTRAY® System design is based on the conventional 2D intraoral footprint. The PORTRAY® System fits into a similar space needed for a conventional 2D intraoral imaging device.

The system will mount to drywall with metal or wooden studs (on 16” or 24” centers).

Purchase Options

The PORTRAY® System is sourced directly from Surround Medical Systems. Please click here to be connected to a team member.

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The PORTRAY® System can be financed through T Bank. Click here to connect to the bank’s financing page.

Surround Medical Systems provides technical service nationwide for the PORTRAY® System.

At this moment the PORTRAY® System is only available inside the U.S.

The PORTRAY® System meets the business deduction requirements allowed for most taxpayers. Please contact your accountant or tax advisor for specifics on the IRC, Section 179.

Seeing the PORTRAY® System in Action

We can show you a live demo at our headquarters in Morrisville, NC, where we have an operatory set up for that purpose. To schedule a demo, for a presentation, or make other arrangements, click here.

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